Medical Care Facilities

The University strongly encourages survivors of any form of violence to seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if they feel no injury was sustained. Medical providers can treat visible physical injuries, identify injuries that may not be visible, and, where appropriate, also test for and treat sexually transmitted infections, test for pregnancy, and provide emergency contraception (if requested). In addition, a hospital can test for the presence of alcohol or drugs (e.g. “date rape” drugs) and perform a rape evidence collection procedure, which can help preserve legal options for those who are considering reporting their experience to law enforcement.

If you or anyone else needs immediate medical attention, call 911.

University Park

University Health Services

  • Confidential
  • Provides non-emergency medical care, including sexual assault services.
  • (814) 865-4UHS (4847)
  • Student Health Center, University Park Campus

Mount Nittany Medical Center

  • Confidential
  • Provides non-emergency medical care.
  • (814) 234-6110
  • 911
  • 1800 E Park Ave, State College

Commonwealth Campuses

Health Services at Commonwealth Campuses

  • Select your campus to find health resources specific to your campus and area.
  • Check with each provider to determine confidentiality.

Medical Costs

When students are evaluated at University Health Services (UHS) for sexual assault, many of the related medical costs are covered by UHS.

For students evaluated at Mount Nittany Medical Center (MNMC), a forensic sexual assault examination may be offered. If a forensic medical examination is completed, the student will have an opportunity to decide whether the bill is submitted by MNMC for payment to either the student’s health insurer or to the Victim’s Compensation Fund.

Payment for additional bills related to the sexual assault evaluation done at MNMC can be submitted by the student to University Health Services for possible coverage. Contact University Health Services at 814-865-6555.

Students may call the Centre Safe (814-238-7066) for information regarding the Sexual Assault Response Team and the Victim’s Compensation Fund.