Training Courses

Each course lists the population that should complete the course, the time frame the course should initially be completed, and how frequently the training must be repeated.

All courses can be found online through Penn State's Learning Resource Network.

Guidance Regarding Non-Compliance

  • The Values, Ethics, and Compliance 2024 training was released on March 12, 2024.
  • The due date is May 3, 2024.
  • Individuals will receive two reminder notifications to complete the training by May 3, 2024, with their supervisors being copied on the final reminder.
  • All employees, both full-time and part-time, are required to take this training. For those employees who are eligible for an Annual Salary Increase, it will be conditioned on successful completion of the annual compliance training.
  • New employees will be given at least 30 days to complete.
  • Supervisors will be responsible for communicating training requirements for employees without email access. They also must provide time during the work day and computer access for their employees to complete training.
  • Unit leaders and supervisors should be held accountable for ensuring their employees complete the training or are given the appropriate consequence. Failure to do one or the other should be taken into account during annual performance reviews.
  • HRSPs and HRCs will assist to the extent possible, but will not be held responsible for following-up on non-compliant individuals.

Compliance Designations