Living Our Values Survey

The 2022 Living Our Values survey builds upon the Values and Culture surveys conducted in 2013 and 2017. The survey was launched in November 2022 to all faculty, staff, graduate students and post-docs.

Penn State Overall, 2022


Results by Campus, College, and Unit

View the results of the 2022 Living Our Values Survey for individual Penn State Campuses, Colleges, and Units by accessing the SharePointe folder linked below (Penn State Account required).

Past Surveys

Please note: In some cases, there are differences between the 2017 figures cited in the executive summary released in 2023, and the original results from the 2017 survey, to which we link below. In 2022-23, the survey was administered to faculty, staff and graduate students. In 2017, the survey was also administered to undergraduate students. To make results comparable between the two surveys, the 2017 data shown in 2022-23 executive summary have been updated to exclude undergraduate students and reflect a weighting approach that excludes undergraduate students. Additional information about methodology for the latest survey is available in the 2022-23 executive summary at the link above.

As announced when the latest survey was launched, undergraduate students were not included in the 2022 survey due to low, single-digit participation rates in the previous two surveys that made it difficult to determine actionable results. The student voice and perspective are critical to University leaders, who regularly seek undergraduate student input through other surveys, including the Food and Housing Needs Survey, the Health and Wellness Survey, and the Student Experience Survey.

Need Help?

For information about the survey process, please contact ECI's Helpdesk via email at or via phone by calling ECI's toll-free number in the USA, +1 800.777.1285, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (0900 and 1700) Eastern Time (ET).

Penn State Values

The Penn State Values, a statement of core values for the University, was developed over a four year process. The Values represent our core ethical aspirations for all our daily activities and actions as students, faculty, staff, and volunteers at Penn State.