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Youth Program Compliance

The Youth Program Compliance Unit assists in the identification, prioritization, development and delivery of effective tools (in response to Penn State faculty, staff and volunteer needs) for implementing youth programs. The Unit explores, recommends and trains youth program leaders in current best practices, Penn State policy and applicable laws related to working with youth.

Vision Statement

Penn State is a leader in higher education and carries out its mission of teaching, research, and service with pride and focus on the future. In furtherance of this mission, Youth programming at Penn State strives to extend the resources and expertise of the University from a variety of disciplines to pre-college youth through experiential, educational opportunities.

The Pennsylvania State University is committed to providing a safe environment for all youth participating in activities offered through the University. The Youth Program Compliance Unit supports programs and policies involving youth protection, is responsible for coordinating compliance with the University’s policies impacting youth protection, and serves as the focal point for review and communication of updated procedures and processes to comply with such policies.

Nittany Lion mascot posing with Lion Shrine statue.

Youth Program Resources

Youth program coordinators and their employees must be familiar with the steps necessary to remain in compliance with all relevant policies, regulations, and laws. Visit our Resources page to access helpful templates, guides, and instructions.

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Title IX Information for Parents and Guardians

All Penn State youth programs have policies in place to ensure the safety of youth participating in our programs, activities and services is not compromised. All program staff are trained in emergency protocols and all relevant internal, external, and parental reporting requirements.

Title IX prohibits sex discrimination (including sexual harassment and/or sexual abuse) against Youth Participants in any of the University’s education programs or activities, including recreational and/or athletic programs or services operated by the University.

To report an incident of suspected sex or gender-based discrimination, please contact Penn State Interim Title IX Coordinator Ashley Owens or submit the Online Reporting Form

Parents are encouraged to notify the program director immediately if they, or their child, are experiencing problems, difficulties, or concerns with the program, other youth in the program, and/or staff.

You may also contact Sandy Weaver, Director, Youth Program Compliance (814-865-8785) or call the University's Ethics Hotline at 1-800-560-1637.


  • AD39 - Minors Involved In University-Sponsored Programs or Programs Held at the University and/or Housed in University Facilities
  • AD72 - Reporting Suspected Child Abuse
  • HR48 - Child Care Program Policy
  • HR99 - Background Check Process

Youth Programs Council

The Youth Programs Council (YCP) develops resources and establishes standardized processes for all individuals involved with youth programming across the University.

The YPC values teamwork and embraces a culture of service. Constituents include includes University staff members who have extensive experience managing youth programs, as well as representatives from the Commonwealth Campuses in continuing education and business services.