Our Team

Tabitha Oman,

Tabitha Oman

  • Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Rick Barton,

Rick Barton

  • Privacy and Compliance Specialist
Margaret Chester,

Margaret Chester

  • Export Compliance Specialist
M. Maureen Cooper,

M. Maureen Cooper

  • Director of Commonwealth Campus Athletics
Amelia Drexford,

Amelia Drexford

  • Associate Director of Athletic Compliance
Ryan Ehrie,

Ryan Ehrie

  • PSUAC Commissioner and Assistant Director of Commonwealth Campus Athletics
Elizabeth Ehrmann,

Elizabeth Ehrmann

  • Director of Athletic Compliance
Amber Grove,

Amber Grove

  • Title IX Coordinator
Joyce Hanscom,

Joyce Hanscom

  • Part-Time Export Compliance Specialist
Tamara Hemingway,

Tamara Hemingway

  • Export Compliance Specialist
Michelle Johnson,

Michelle Johnson

  • Athletic Compliance Administrative Support Assistant
Sarah Linebaugh,

Sarah Linebaugh

  • Athletic Compliance Coordinator
Lydia Lunnen,

Lydia Lunnen

  • Office of Ethics and Compliance Administrative Support Assistant
Monica Mock,

Monica Mock

  • Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance
Todd Moss,

Todd Moss

  • Athletic Compliance Financial Aid Coordinator
Michael Sennett,

Michael Sennett

  • Privacy and Compliance Specialist
Matt Stolberg,

Matt Stolberg

  • Associate Athletics Director for Compliance
Holly Swires,

Holly Swires

  • Chief Privacy Officer
Sandy Weaver,

Sandy Weaver

  • Director, Youth Program Compliance
Ethics & Compliance Council University Ethics Committee