Submit a Report

If you have been subjected to sexual or gender-based harassment or misconduct, Penn State strongly encourages you to report your experience to the University and/or law enforcement.

Penn State has designated a Title IX Coordinator who is specially trained to work with individuals who report sexual misconduct and provide information about resources, support services, and procedural options.

You can make a report at any time. However, you are encouraged to make a report as soon as possible after an incident. All reports are treated with the high level of seriousness and sensitivity they deserve. Retaliation against any person for making a report or participating in an investigation is strictly prohibited. If you decide not to make a report, or if you are unsure about reporting, you are still entitled to receive confidential and free emotional support and medical care through the University, as well as request changes to your academic, housing, transportation and working situations. Learn how you can get the assistance you need.

Ways to Make a Report


Submit an incident report online to the University's Office of Sexual Misconduct Reporting and Response.

In Person

You can file a report in person* with the Office of Sexual Misconduct Reporting and Response (120 Boucke Building) or the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (328 Boucke Building).


File an anonymous report through the Penn State Hotline, available 24/7 at all campuses.

With the Police

You have the right to file a report with law enforcement as well as the University. You can file a criminal complaint with the University Police Department or local police department, depending on where the incident took place.

  • For on-campus crimes, contact University Police at 814-863-1111 or file a report online.
  • For off-campus crimes, contact the local municipality police department or call 911.

Questions About Your Report

Is my report confidential?

You may report an incident to any University employee. However, please note that, with the exception of confidential support providers, many Penn State employees are mandatory reporters and are obligated to pass along information they learn about incidents of sexual misconduct to the University’s Title IX Coordinator.

What happens after I file a report?

The University will respond to all reports of potential sexual or gender-based harassment or misconduct in a manner that is timely, supportive, and fair. It is important to note that these procedures provide individuals who have experienced an incident of sexual or gender-based harassment or misconduct with the ability to provide input and maintain a large degree of control over how their issue is handled at every point in the process.

Is there a deadline for making a report?

The University does not limit the time for submitting a report of gender-based harassment or sexual harassment. However, the University’s ability to investigate and respond effectively may be reduced with the passage of time. You are encouraged to make a report as soon as possible.

What if I do not want to file a criminal report?

The University’s procedures for responding to incidents of gender-based harassment and sexual harassment are separate from the criminal justice system. The decision of whether to report an incident to the police is up to you. If you do decide to report an incident to the police, University staff are available to assist you with that process.

If you believe you or anyone else is in immediate danger, call 911 immediately.