Resources for Reporting Wrongdoing

Penn State University encourages reporting misconduct. If you see something, say something.

Immediate Threat or Emergency:

University/Campus Police

To report a non-emergency crime, go to or call University/Campus Police

Suspected Child Abuse

ChildLine: 800-932-0313 or online
and report internally to [email protected]

Sexual Abuse or Sexual Harassment

Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response: 814-863-0471 or [email protected]

General Discrimination or Harassment

By employees - Affirmative Action Office: 814-863-0471 
By students - Report Bias website or 814-863-0342

Student Misconduct

Office of Student Conduct: 814-863-0342 or report online

Research Misconduct

Office of Research Protections: 814-865-1775 or [email protected]

Behavioral Threat

Behavioral Threat Management Team:
855-863-BTMT(2868) or 814-863-BTMT(2868)

Other Misconduct

Human Resources Strategic Partner
Penn State Hotline: 800-560-1637

Clery Reportable

University Police at your campus or report online


Environmental Health & Safety Misconduct

Department of Environmental
Health & Safety: 814-865-6391 or [email protected] or report online


Penn State offers numerous resources to report misconduct:When in doubt of where to report, call the Office of Ethics and Compliance (814-867-5088) or your Human Resources Strategic Partner for advice.

Examples of Misconduct:

  • Abusive or intimidating behavior that creates a hostile or offensive environment
  • Cheating, plagiarism, or other violations of academic integrity
  • Discrimination
  • Financial misconduct (falsifying expense reports, embezzlement)
  • Research misconduct
  • Stealing, theft, or misuse of University services or resources
  • Substance abuse by an employee or student
  • Sexual assault, harassment, or misconduct
  • Violations of University policy and the Student Code of Conduct
  • Violations of local, state, federal, and international laws and regulations that you encounter during your work at the University
  • Violations of University environmental health and safety policies



Training for employees is available on many of the above topics through the Office of Human Resources' Learning Resource Network at