Penn State Hotline

Ask Questions & Raise Concerns

As a member of the Penn State community, you are encouraged to report potential issues and/or raise questions if you learn about something that might not be consistent with the Penn State Values.

Raising an issue to an academic unit leader, supervisor, Human Resources partner, Student Affairs staff member or academic adviser is often the best place to start. In addition, this email contains information about resources to help you decide whether the issue you are concerned about is a policy violation and about appropriate ways to raise concerns. If you need further support before deciding whether to make a report, you are welcome to contact the Office of Ethics and Compliance.

 You may raise your concern anonymously if you choose to via the Penn State Hotline. And remember, Penn State policies protect you from retaliation if you raise a concern or ask a question in good faith.

 If you experience an emergency, need to report a crime, or need immediate assistance, contact emergency services by calling 911 or Penn State Police.

 Penn State takes appropriate action on every report. Providing details about your concerns helps the team responsible conduct a thorough review. Please be aware that in most cases, findings and any subsequent action must remain confidential and won’t be shared with the person who reported the concern. That doesn’t mean nothing was done, just that the results of the review are being kept confidential.

Penn State can’t help address problems we don’t hear about — we encourage you to reach out and report.

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