Youth Program Training

Building a Safe Penn State: Reporting Child Abuse

Effective and on-going training is crucial for the understanding of requirements and processes for reporting suspected child abuse. In 2011, before a U.S. Senate Committee, an Executive Director of the National Children’s Alliance testified, “Lack of certainty about the signs of abuse, how to make a report, and what will happen once a report is made are the leading causes of inaction of failure to report in cases of suspected or known abuse.”

Penn State is committed to providing a safe environment for youth. The Building a Safe Penn State: Reporting Child Abuse training has been specifically designed for Penn State employees and volunteers to ensure all applicable policies and laws, responsibilities around reporting, and reporting protocols are understood.

To access the training, go to

Please note that in order for records to show that you have successfully completed the Reporting Child Abuse training, you must complete both of the following steps:

  1. Complete the course
  2. Pass the post-test with a score of 80% or better.