Social Security Number Authorization

The collection, storage and use of Social Security Numbers other than the Penn State's Central ID Repository (CIDR), is prohibited unless a written SSN authorization is granted and approved, per Penn State Policy AD53 and ADG08.

Best Practices for Handling SSN Data and Other Personally Identifiable Information.

To request authorization to store Social Security numbers, please send an email to Privacy and include the following information:

  • Name of requester
  • userID of requester
  • Department of requester
  • Description of the purpose in which the SSN's need to be stored outside of CIDR
  • Same information as above for any other entities who may need to contribute information to the authorization request.

After reviewing the email request, Privacy will send an electronic copy of the Authorized Use of SSNs Survey which will include a unique URL to access the survey and additional instructions for completion.

In addition, SSN authorization requests must be renewed every two years, but a one year check-in will be conducted by the Privacy Office.