Export Compliance - Just the Basics (click to view) -Basic PowerPoint training file developed for use at Penn State. This PowerPoint provides a basic introduction to Export Compliance at Penn State. Alternative media versions are available upon request.

CitiProgram Export Training - Penn State makes available targeted, online training modules covering the basics of export controls and export compliance. These modules are available to all Penn State-affiliated persons. Required Export Compliance Training courses for projects operated under a University Technology Control Plan are available for all project personnel. In addition, Export Compliance Awareness Training courses are available for faculty, research administrators, and general University staff. For more information or to request assistance in accessing the CitiProgram Export Training, please contact the University Office of Export Compliance.

Census Export Videos - Basic training videos on US Import/Export Compliance from the U.S. Census Bureau

EAR Training - Basic training videos from the Bureau of Industry and Security about the Department of Commerce Export Administration Regulations

Additional in-person training modules, programs, and presentations are available for any College, Campus, Department, or Unit. To arrange a presentation or training by a University Export Compliance Specialist and/or for training on the new University Export Management and Compliance Programs, please contact the University Export Compliance Office.

U.S. Export Regulations

Other Online Resources

  • U.S. Export Portal Website - Export.gov brings together resources from across the U.S. Government to assist American businesses in planning their international sales strategies and succeed in today’s global marketplace.
  • Export Controls & Encryption FAQs (BIS) - Frequently Asked Questions regarding EAR (Commerce) export controls for encryption technology and software.
  • Crypto Law Survey - Online information documenting the laws and regulations of various nations governing the importation or exportation of encryption-related technologies (updated annually).

Important Terms

The following definitions are provided to help clarify the usage of specific terms or concepts under the various U.S. Export Control Laws and Regulations. While not taken verbatim from the regulations, the definitions below include the key definitional components from the regulations.