Key Initiatives

Penn State Values & Culture Survey

The Ethics Research Center (ERC), the research arm of the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI) – an independent nonprofit organization – conducted a confidential survey in October 2017 on behalf of The Pennsylvania State University. All students, faculty, staff, administrators, technical service employees, and postdoctoral scholars/fellows were invited to participate.

Results of the 2017 survey were released on May 30, 2018, and an executive summary of survey findings and a full report are available online. Full data tables reflecting all responses are also available, along with a summary of the survey methodology. All data are presented in a manner to ensure the anonymity of participants.

This is a follow up to a survey conducted by ERC in 2013, which helped us better understand the culture of the University and the values of the Penn State community. The 2017 survey will enable us to gauge our progress, evaluate the programs we implemented, and identify areas for further development.

Penn State University Compliance Plan

The Legal & Compliance Committee of the University Board of Trustees approved the inaugural Penn State University Compliance Plan in May 2014. The current revised plan was approved in May 2017.