Export Compliance Review Request

International Shipment of Hazardous Materials

Instructions:  Penn State has a legal obligation under U.S. export and sanctions laws to comply with all U.S. laws and regulations governing the international shipment of items. Under University Policy AD89, certain activities require the completion of an export review to assess our compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

This form can be used to initiate an export review for the international shipment of hazardous or dangerous items or substances. An export review is a required part of the internal process for arranging shipment of such items by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. This form may also be used for other international shipments, not handled by EHS, when the shipping party believes that such items may be controlled items (commodities, technical data, software, etc.). When required, this form should be submitted at least FIVE (5) days prior to the desired date of shipment, however additional advanced submission is highly recommended.

To initiate an export review, please provide the information requested below and click on the “Submit” button. A copy of your request will then be forwarded to an Export Compliance Specialist in the University Export Compliance Office for review. Please visit our webpage for more information about Export Compliance at Penn State. Questions about Penn State’s Export Compliance programs may be submitted via email to the University Export Compliance Office.