Contact The Office of Ethics and Compliance

Please use the form below to send us your thoughts, questions, or comments regarding ethics and compliance at Penn State. You may also contact us at 814-867-5088 or To report an issue anonymously, please use the Penn State Hotline.

For general inquiries about Penn State, please see the University's contact page.


Kenya Mann Faulkner photo
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
(814) 867-5088
Tim Balliett
University Ethics Officer, Director of The Center for Character, Conscience, and Public Purpose
(814) 867-5264
Andy Banse photo
Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance
(814) 863-8048
Bob Boland
Athletics Integrity Officer
(814) 865-0722
Jeff Bowman
Compliance Specialist - Investigations
(814) 863-3049
Margaret Chester
Export Compliance Specialist
(814) 863-3254
Maureen Cooper
Director of Commonwealth Campus Athletics
(814) 865-0721
Wanda Devlin photo
Export Compliance Specialist
Ryan Ehrie photo
PSUAC Commissioner and Assistant Director of Commonwealth Campus Athletics
(814) 863-3818
Kathryn Fries Photo
Administrative Assistant
(814) 867-5088
Joyce Hanscom
Export Compliance Specialist
(814) 863-4720
Lindsay Kowalski photo
Compliance Specialist - Investigations
(814) 865-4310
Monica Iachini
Assistant Director of Athletics Compliance
(814) 865-2009
Todd Moss photo
Financial Aid Coordinator
(814) 863-3403
Wayne L. Mowery, Jr.
Senior Director of Compliance and Export Compliance Officer
(814) 867-2379
Elaine Packer photo
Athletics Compliance Staff Assistant
(814) 863-8048
Tina Ruberto
Administrative Support Coordinator
(814) 865-5677
Denise Shivery
Communications and Training Specialist
(814) 867-6027
Matt Stolberg
Associate Athletics Director for Compliance
(814) 863-8048
Sandy Weaver
Youth Programs Compliance Specialist
(814) 865-8785
Stephanie Zewe
Compliance Coordinator of Athletics Compliance
(814) 863-8048