Compliance Designations

Compliance Designation Descriptions and Links
Designation Brief Description Full Definition
Campus Security Authority (CSA)
  • Police or security related positions
  • Individuals to whom crime should be reported
  • Employees with significant responsibilities for student and campus activities
CSA Exempt
  • Licensed professional and pastoral counselors acting in that role
Authorized Adult
  • Individuals who have direct contact with children
  • Individuals with certain specified roles (healthcare provider, library employee, clergy, law enforcement)
Title IX Confidential
  • Licensed professional and pastoral counselors
  • Non-professional counselors or advocates (work or volunteer in health or advocacy center)
Title IX Responsible
  • All Penn State employees who are not Confidential under Title IX
Code of Conduct Signee
  • Student athletes and employees directly involved with any NCAA-sactioned intercollegiate athletic team at the University Park campus
ICA Code of Conduct