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Regis W. Becker
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and Interim Athletics Integrity Officer
(814) 865-8353
Andy Banse photo
Director of Athletics Compliance
(814) 863-8048
Timothy Balliett, Ph. D.
University Ethics Officer
(814) 867-5264
Jeff Bowman photo
Investigations Compliance Specialist
(814) 863-3049
Margaret Chester photo
Export Compliance Specialist
(814) 863-3254
Maureen Cooper photo
Commonwealth Campuses Athletics Administrator
(814) 865-0721
Rachel Culbertson photo
Ethics and Compliance Assistant 2
(814) 867-5088
Julie A. Del Giorno
Compliance Manager
(814) 865-8391
Bruce Ellis photo
Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Services
(814) 863-3403
Todd Moss photo
Financial Aid Coordinator
(814) 863-3403
Wayne L. Mowery, Jr.
Director of Compliance and Export Compliance Officer
(814) 867-2379
Elaine Packer photo
Athletics Compliance Staff Assistant
(814) 863-8048
Marci Palmer photo
Student-Athlete Services Staff Assistant
(814) 863-3403
Tina Ruberto
Ethics & Compliance Assistant
(814) 867-5088
Denise Shivery
Communications and Training Specialist
(814) 867-6027
Matt Stolberg
Associate Athletic Director for Compliance
(814) 863-8048
Sandy Weaver
Youth Programs Compliance Specialist
(814) 865-8785